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Preschool | 3 - 4 Years | Serving Murray, West Valley, & Salt Lake City, UT

Caring, Qualified Teachers Who Bring Learning To Life

Your child’s teacher is a loving, dedicated, degreed educator with classroom training in academics and social-emotional learning, as well as a CPR certification. Your little one soaks up both lessons and love as they grow and develop new skills.
Caring, Qualified Teachers Who Bring Learning To Life
Themed Learning Makes Academics Feel Like Play

Themed Learning Makes Academics Feel Like Play

Your child’s teacher uses the trusted Creative Curriculum® to build activities around a theme, letter, and the number of the week so your child stays engaged in their learning. Projects are fun, hands-on, and real-world applications bring discoveries to life.

Interests Take Off With An Amazing Curriculum

Science, technology, engineering, art, math, and even cooking enrich your preschooler’s learning experience with an exciting proprietary curriculum. Your little one discovers new interests when participating in fun experiments and activities.
Interests Take Off With An Amazing Curriculum
Social-Emotional Learning Supports Confidence & Growth

Social-Emotional Learning Supports Confidence & Growth

Your preschooler is learning to manage their emotions, and their teachers offer expert guidance. Teachers use open-ended questions that guide children to make realizations and decisions, identify their feelings, and become empathetic classmates and friends.

School Skills Lay Foundations For The Future

To ensure your child strolls into future classrooms with confidence, they learn crucial classroom and life skills now, like getting water, using the washroom, and tying shoes. They engage in group activities and follow their interests to develop independence.
School Skills Lay Foundations For The Future
Playtime Sparks Joy & Build Muscles

Playtime Sparks Joy & Build Muscles

There’s nothing like the freedom to run, play, climb, and explore with friends. Your child gets to enjoy that freedom indoors and outside on a spacious playground. They build critical muscle groups and refine motor skills with daily playtime.

Nutritious Meals Build Healthy Minds & Bodies

Your little one’s brain and body are growing every day, and good nutrition supports healthy development. Children love their tasty breakfast, lunch, and snacks, served as part of a highly rated Top Start meal program that exceeds state standards.

Deep Cleaning & A ZONO© Cabinet For Germ-Free Spaces

Feel confident that your child’s classroom, common areas, toys, and learning materials stay sparkling clean and germ-free, thanks to daily and weekly deep cleaning, and a ZONO© cabinet that throroughly sanitizes hard-to-clean items.

Frequently asked questions

Murray: 7 a.m – 6 p.m

South Salt Lake City: 7 a.m – 5:30 p.m

Salt Lake City: 7 a.m – 5:30 p.m

Downtown Salt Lake City: 7 a.m – 5:30 p.m

West Valley: 7 a.m – 5:30 p.m

Infant & Toddler: 6 weeks – 2 years 

Early Preschool: 2-3 years

Preschool: 3-4 years

Pre-K: 4-5 years 

School Age: Kindergarten-12 years

  • Secure entry doors restrict access to only authorized persons 
  • Tall privacy fences surround all playgrounds
  • Security cameras 
  • Teachers hold CPR and First Aid certifications
  • Daily sanitization and weekly deep-cleaning protocols protect everyone’s health

We participate in the WorkForce Service Child Care program, and we’re proud of our excellent ratings. See more here. 

  • Our owner has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  
  • Our regional directors have a National Administrator Credential (NAC), an active Child Development Associate (CDA), and both are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in ECE.  
  • Our teachers are passionate educators who undertake continuous training to provide an exceptional learning experience. Several hold Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in ECE.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"Creative Learning Academy is a great day care center"
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My son has been enrolled there for the last two years, and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful job all the teachers have done in caring for him while I am at work. All of the teachers are very caring, and have a great sense of each child’s individual needs. An added bonus is that many of the teachers are bilingual, and so my son is learning words in English and Spanish.
-Jeanie D
"My child and I absolutely love Creative Learning Academy!"
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The facility is clean, large, and well-stocked with toys and ample learning materials. The outdoor play area is filled with a variety of equipment and engaging landscapes (hills with sliding options, plenty of age-appropriate playground toys, etc.) and the children also benefit from frequent walks along the natural surroundings of the academy, but it is the teachers and staff who truly make this day care / preschool exceptional!
- Kim Warren
"BEST Day care you can find in Utah. Jess and all of the teachers are so amazing with all of the children"
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They truly care for all of them. They DO actually feed the kids real meals, they take regular naps AND they even give them water to drink many times a day! I work just a few seconds up the road, so popping in now and then is something I can easily do, and the teachers are acting the same way with the kids as they do when they know I am coming.
- D. Thompson
"Jessica has turned the entire dynamic of this center around to be one of the most enjoyable experiences for our entire family"
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Not only did my son enjoy being at school, but he would talk about what they LEARNED in school with such excitement everyday. They would have music class, trips to the gym, special dress-up days, picnic days, and the list goes on and on. They even allowed us to do a presentation for my son’s class about his younger brother who has special needs. My son is also a picky eater, yet he loved lunches there, as well as the healthy snacks they provided. He would insist that we go to Costco to get some hummus and wheels of cheese for snacks at home.
- Tiffany S
"This is the best daycare for your kids. "
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They have fantastic teachers who love and appreciate what they do. They have an amazing menu compared to other daycares I’ve seen. The kids are always excited and filled with joy when they get there. I enjoy this daycare and highly recommend it.
- Malene Salcedo
"The tour was amazing and now my son is having a great day. "
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I've sadly been to my fair share of child care locations, in and out of home. This place has by far exceeded my expectations. The tour was amazing and now my son is having a great day, playing and learning and actually taking his nap instead of crying because he wants to come home. As a parent, nothing is more relieving then knowing your kid is finally comfortable and doesn't feel scared or alone. Thank you CLA. Coming to you is the best decision I could've made.
- Taylor Olivarez
"CLA has been a great place for us. "
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My child has been attending CLA since she was 3 months' old, and we've always felt that she is really loved and cared for there. We get a little jealous because she seems to like her teachers better than us sometimes. 😉 We appreciate the great relationships the teachers and administration have built with the kids, as well as us parents. CLA has been a great place for us.
- Cori Goddard
"The teachers are warm, friendly, and truly love their students!!!"
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They are reliable and highly responsive to any and all communication, listen to our concerns, and are knowledgeable about what’s best for kids. In addition to a loving and friendly atmosphere, our 17 month old child’s language and social development is increasing at a rapid rate—her vocabulary includes both Spanish and English words, she knows how to clean up, and eats with utensils which they reinforce at meal times. I have recommended CLA to multiple friends and will continue to do so. We feel lucky to have CLA as part of our village.
- Abigail Barry

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