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” My son has been attending the Creative Learning Academy located in the Government Center for the last two and half years. Originally when he started, this location was under different management, but switched over to CLA about 6 months after he started. I can tell you that we IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference in not only the center itself, but the teachers, as well as my son. Jessica has turned the entire dynamic of this center around to be one of the most enjoyable experiences for our entire family. Not only did my son enjoy being at school, but he would talk about what they LEARNED in school with such excitement everyday. They would have music class, trips to the gym, special dress-up days, picnic days, and the list goes on and on. They even allowed us to do a presentation for my son’s class about his younger brother who has special needs. My son is also a picky eater, yet he loved lunches there, as well as the healthy snacks they provided. He would insist that we go to Costco to get some hummus and wheels of cheese for snacks at home!”


“Sadly, this is my son’s last week as he will be starting kindergarten. We cannot say enough about CLA, Jessica, and all the caring, devoted teachers at the center. We truly are going to miss them all!”


-Tiffany S

“My child and I absolutely love Creative Learning Academy! Initially, I was resistant to enroll my infant (now toddler) in daycare, and my research and touring of myriad facilities in SLC left me feeling discouraged. After a trusted friend recommended CLA based on her own positive experiences there (her daughter had attended the academy for five years and loved it), I enrolled my son. I feel lucky to have found this place, and I highly recommend it!”


“The facility is clean, large, and well-stocked with toys and ample learning materials. The outdoor play area is filled with a variety of equipment and engaging landscapes (hills with sliding options, plenty of age-appropriate playground toys, etc.) and the children also benefit from frequent walks along the natural surroundings of the academy, but it is the teachers and staff who truly make this day care / preschool exceptional!”


“As a teacher myself, I understand how crucial positive, caring relationships are in an educational setting for children. When a child feels loved and supported, she is receptive, open, and excited about learning. Not only are the day care and preschool teachers well learned in their fields as child care providers and educators, they also genuinely care about the children whom they teach and nurture every day. My toddler loves his caregivers, and I love the skills that they have taught him such as putting away his toys, managing peer conflicts effectively and appropriately, and polite etiquette at mealtimes–in addition to the standard lessons about numbers, vocabulary, and conceptual thinking (categorization, pattern recognition, etc.). My son’s exceptional care givers are even teaching him Spanish at my request, and every day I’m amazed at just how much he’s learned and matured through his experiences and time attending CLA.”


“Best of all, I know that my child is in safe hands when I’m away from him. The security monitoring system brings comfort, and the staff are more than willing to have me in the classroom with my child if I wish to see how he’s doing or check in (for the first month of enrollment, I was there on my lunch break almost every day). Both the administrators and teachers are quick to notify me about everything from social conflicts amongst the kids to the inevitable spread of germs, etc., and this has helped to keep both my child and myself healthy and confident about the individualized attention to safety and well-being. In addition, the environment is incredibly positive, and the people who work at CLA make it personable, too, both for the children and for the parents who entrust outsiders with their precious, little ones.”


– Kim Warren

“When I registered my son at Creative Learning Academy, I had up to that point been an at home mom, but I unexpectedly unexpectedly had to go back to work.  I was very resistant about putting my son in daycare.  Before I graduated from college, I had worked at numerous daycares and preschools.”


“Based on those experiences and in observing my co-workers’ interactions with children, I always vowed I would never, ever put my own children in daycare.  Creative Learning Academy has really, really proven itself to be an exception to my previously held beliefs.We toured just about every daycare between South Salt lake and West Valley.  My ex-husband and I could have afforded a more expensive daycare, but we chose this one.”


“As I said, I was unhappy at the prospect of putting my son in daycare and was extremely picky about where he went.  I’m an elementary school teacher, so I’m aware of the developmental needs of a two year old (which is my son’s age).”

“BEST Day care you can find in Utah. Jess and all of the teachers are so amazing with all of the children. They truly care for all of them. They DO actually feed the kids real meals, they take regular naps AND they even give them water to drink many times a day! I work just a few seconds up the road, so popping in now and then is something I can easily do, and the teachers are acting the same way with the kids as they do when they know I am coming. I have had very bad experiences with past day cares, so being at Creative Learning with people I can trust my child with(some that have even been there since they opened) is an amazing feeling. My child has learned so much and LOVES going to “School” everyday. Words can’t express how happy I am with the care my son receives. And how much he is growing because of dedication Jess and her staff put in every single day. Don’t pass this day care up!”

-D. Thompson

“Creative Learning Academy is a great day care center. My son has been enrolled there for the last two years, and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful job all the teachers have done in caring for him while I am at work. All of the teachers are very caring, and have a great sense of each child’s individual needs. An added bonus is that many of the teachers are bilingual, and so my son is learning words in English and Spanish. The structure and activities are great and the kids get a lot of outdoor time when the weather is appropriate. I am also very appreciative of the variety in all the meals and snacks provided. Most importantly, I am so grateful for the secure, live action camera system that allows me to check in on my son whenever I want. Not very many daycare centers offer this rare feature. It gives me great piece of mind to be able to see how my son is doing. I plan to keep my son at Creative Learning Academy until he goes to kindergarten. I have referred this center to three of my co-workers, and would recommend it to anyone looking for quality, safe childcare.”


-Jeanie D

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