Our Programs

Our Programs

The Creative Curriculum

We use the Creative Curriculum from Teaching Stratgies to meet the needs of the children in our program.

  • Child-focused and experience based
  • Study-based learning, where children engage with investigative learning.
  • Children raise their own questions and investigate answers in the classroom via experiences and play.
  • Aligns with state school readiness standards via the development of 38 objectives of learning.  Within the curriculum resources, these objectives are met through the daily activities resources in the curriculum.
  • Ongoing Assessments are a part of the process, and shape learning experiences

Infant Care

6 weeks-12 months

This is a period of rapid development, where children need a nurturing, yet stimulating environment. 

Infants individual schedules are encouraged and accommodated to build a relationship of trust.  


Toddler Care

12 month - 24 months

Independence is in full swing with children in this age group. Focus is given to basic social skills, communication, and introduction to toilet training.

Children follow a group care schedule.


2 Year Old Care

1-2 years

Children are beginning to feel independent and begin to take risks. Relationships of trust are fostered with caregivers, with an emphesis of safety in the classroom.

Children will begin to transition to a group care schedule.



3-5 years

Continuation mastery of social skills. Literacy, Math, Motor Ability, and Social & Emotional domains are addressed.

Two Locations

Hours: Mon-Fri, 6:30am - 6:00pm

South Salt Lake

1110 West 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84119


Salt Lake City

2001 S State Street
SLC, UT 84115


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